Is Winter a Good Time to Sell Your House?

    Wondering if winter is a good time to sell your house? “Winter is a good time to sell your home because inventory is low and the buyers are serious,” says Marnie DuBois, CEO and Co-Owner DuBois Realty Group. “With favorable interest rates and a stronger economy, there are more buyers in the market looking for homes, creating a great environment for sellers to get a higher price and to sell their home more quickly.” So, the simple answer is yes.  2017 was a seller’s market, and the market remains strong for sellers as we head into 2018.

    Kathie Martin Buyer Specialist
    Buyer Specialist Katie Martin – More and more buyers are coming to me realizing the time is right to buy a house, and are looking NOW in order to move come springtime.  Let’s be honest, anyone trudging through snow, ice and rain is serious about buying a home.  The problem is, inventory is so low! I am literally digging through withdrawn and expired listings to find houses for my buyers to potentially look at.  We need more houses on the market!” – 

    There are other reasons why it is advantageous to sell your home during winter months:

    • Sellers generally face less competition from other sellers. This means you have an advantage when it comes to pricing your home. Lower supply and higher demand often support a higher price for your home.
    • Marketing your home with less competition on the market means you’ll catch the eye of more buyers and their agents.
    • Many job relocations happen in winter. Buyers mean business in the cooler months.
    • People who are looking to move in the winter usually need to move. They may have a lease that is ending, or have just sold their current home. Most winter buyers want to move as soon as possible.

    Deciding when to sell your home isn’t based entirely on market conditions. Your personal situation is a big determining factor. There is a lot at stake when deciding to sell your home, and a lot of preparation to get your home ready for market. That is why it is so important to work with a Realtor you can trust – an expert who knows the market and can guide you through the process from listing to closing.

    Once you decide to list your home, there are things you can do to make your home as attractive  as possible to buyers. Small investments of time and money can go a long way to get your property sold more quickly and at a better price:

    • The single most cost-efficient thing you can do is paint. Freshly painted walls and trim, preferably in a neutral color, is appealing to buyers. It is the easiest way to help a buyer picture themselves living in your home.
    • A first impression matters. If listing in the winter, make sure driveways and walkways are shoveled and entrance lights are on. A fresh doormat, wreath on the door, curtains/shades open and some lights on will go a long way on making a buyer feel at home the moment they pull up to your front door. 
    • The single most important thing you can do is clear out  clutter – tidy closets, open shelves, clean counter tops, magnets off the refrigerator, no piles of boxes or laundry. A good cleaning out makes rooms look larger and more cheery. Bonus – it can help you get a jump on packing!
    • Updating kitchens and bathrooms – no need for a complete remodel, but replacing outdated fixtures and faucets will be noticed. New light fixtures can elevate a look as well. All appliances should be in working order, as should cabinets drawers and doors.
    Updated Kitchen
    An update kitchen and clear counter tops helps buyers see themselves in your home.
    Neutral tones in paint and an updating bathroom is appealing to a future buyer.
    Create a clean, yet dramatic look with neutral paint and minimal furniture.

    There’s no one factor that will determine when the best time is for you to sell your home. If you work with an agent you can trust, you will get honest, expert advice to help you know the right time  to sell and what you need to do to get your home ready for market. If that time happens to be in the winter, you may have a head start on your competition.

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